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Seriously, taking a photo of a photo is just weird

Ready for Christmas? Yeah, me neither. But I’m getting there. I finished up my kid’s stocking, and a few photo gifts landed on my doorstep yesterday.

Ever heard of Rendi Style? I hadn’t until recently, when an offer showed up in my inbox to check them out, although with a free gift card from the company.

Usually I bypass these kinds of things, but I am a photographer. I see “photo gifts,” and I have to at least check them out. And Christmas is coming (need I remind you?).

Turns out it’s a site where they work mostly with wood to produce photo-related products. Everything from frames that you can customize with a favorite saying or your baby’s vital stats to scalloped plaques with photos printed on the front.

The prices looked decent — $24.95 for a small scalloped plaque (9 inches wide by 7 inches high). But you never really know until you get the thing home, right? I learned my lesson on cheap photo printing a long, long time ago.

So I gave it a go. I pulled up one of the only pictures that exists of my entire family. It’s not the best photo ever taken — a random tourist did the job for me while we were on vacation. But still, it’s us. And I knew it was crisp enough to withstand some manipulation and printing on a plaque. I set it up. Clicked buy.

I had to pay some shipping to get my purchase, but my walls are begging to be updated. I got the dining room painted in, um, March … and I still haven’t done a thing to them except throw up some old pictures in random and not . I figured it was worth it.

Best news? Shipping was amazingly fast. I purchased last week, and it arrived on Monday. Considering the holiday slam on the shipping industry, that’s not bad.

The product itself is … not bad. That doesn’t sound like a ringing endorsement, I know. Which makes you ask why I’m writing about this thing at all (because y’all, I’m not one of THOSE people). But like I said, the photo was not the best ever. And they reproduced what they were given quite well.

What’s more, they gave me something different from the same old, same old photo in a frame that I always put on the walls. I haven’t found a forever home for it yet, but right now it’s watching over me while I work. It’s cute (even came with a little chain for easy hanging), it’s unique, and it makes me grin every time I look at it.

Basically, I’m a Rendi convert not because I got something free but because it’s not the same old, same old photo gift that we’ve grown accustomed to. Come on people, really, how MANY photo mugs do you need? Keychains? Puzzles that you’ll lose all the pieces to? New options really are the gift all in and of themselves, aren’t they?

I’m debating putting up the cash to get one of their square plaques made out of that one Instagram photo of my daughter that I am in love with (yes, go ahead, make fun, but her eyes look fabulous!!). It’s so hard to find anything that is a perfect square … 

And since I ended up actually being all happy about this situation (thank God because otherwise … awkward!!), I’ve got a $50 gift card to give away!

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Disclaimer: I received a free gift card from Rendi Style that helped inform this post. Decision to write the post was all mine, and all opinions are too. So are the photos, so there!


  1. Cute!! It looks good on the wall jeannie ;D

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