New Christmas Movies: Because Your Traditions are Tired

I’ve been on a mission to do something a little different this Christmas season. We bake the same cookies every year, string the tree with the same lights, watch the same movies.

I get the lure of traditions. I even asked around on Facebook about favorite movies because people love to watch the same thing over and over and over again. But COME ON. Some of it is a little … tiring.

So this year I’m changing things up just a smidge. I’ve switched out the annual “eat Christmas cookies all Christmas morning” tradition for making an actual morning meal (French toast bake anyone?). I got my shopping done BEFORE it was too late to find anything in stores. And we have expanded beyond the traditional Christmas movie line-up.

So we may or may not have watched the Santa Clause series a few times too many already this year (may, may, may), but we have also added the following to the mix:
Babes in Toyland — A throw-back to my childhood (actually my parents’ but this is my story), Disney dragged this one out of the vault this year to release on Blu-Ray. It’s one of those films filled with what used to count as children’s fair: songs and slapstick. And maybe I’m just an old softie, but that stuff still works for me. The story itself — Mary Quite Contrary (yes, that one) facing off against an evil guy who tries to ruin her wedding — is timeless. But what makes this a holiday movie is the trek into toyland, where Mary and crew have to help a toymaker get the toys out in time for Christmas. Only bummer: I was hoping for some special features, especially since Disney took the time to put out a Blu-Ray version, and there are none to be found.

Prep & Landing: Totally Tinsel Collection — So “totally tinsel” may or may not be a new phrase in my household, but this Blu-ray combo truly is totally … awesome. It features both of the Prep & Landing TV specials Disney has produced — the second of which I got to see in production stages during a visit to Disney’s animation studios in 2011. Both are the stories of the elves who are behind the magic of Christmas Eve; the little guys who go out before Santa to prepare the houses for his arrival. They’re the sort of specials with just enough humor that goes over kids’ heads to make the parents happy but nothing so naughty that it ruins the magic for the kids.

What Christmas movies have you added to the collection in recent years?

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Disclaimer: I received review copies of both of these movies, but was not otherwise compensated. All opinions are my own … they’re just lucky I was a huge fan already!

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