Sometimes Easy Money Is Just Too Easy

Who, me?

I don’t often think about the mega-millions. I didn’t even buy a Powerball ticket.

It’s not that I don’t want more money. Who wouldn’t like to pay off their mortgage and that car loan and never have to worry again?

In truth, the easy money just sounds too, well, easy.

Would I love it? Sure. Would I feel good about it? I’m not so sure.

Something tells me I’d prefer to earn my millions the old-fashioned way.
Maybe inventing something that becomes indispensable.

My dream? To be the woman who creates a machine that finally decodes all that behavior that leaves puppy owners flummoxed.

Imagine, if you will, being able to understand what would possess a puppy with a bowl full of yummy chow and a basket full of toys to grab a pencil from the coffee table and go to town?

Wouldn’t you like to know?

Imagine a machine you can set up the moment the puppy stands in front of his favorite chair, which is completely empty mind, and starts barking. And barking. And barking.

You hit a button and blam-o! Nonsense solved!

That would make me millions, wouldn’t it? Maybe billions?

Cesar Milan would have nothing on me and my handy dandy contraption!

I’d become like the Pied Piper, only instead of children and rats, I’d have dog owners climbing over themselves … much the same way that my new puppy climbs over his older sister when I dare show her attention (yes, that one I’ve figured out; it’s the old-fashioned green monster rearing his ugly head).

I wouldn’t be sitting around watching soaps and eating bon bons all day, of course, but this would be so much more fun. I’d be playing with puppies. All day! And getting paid.

Come to think of it, working from home means spending all day with a puppy nose resting on my knee as it is. I don’t need the millions.

But I would like to know what’s with that chair …

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