Sorry, But We Don’t Own Our Kids

Odd Life of Timothy Green

A few months ago I was sent on a business trip to cover a movie premiere for The Stir, and while I was there we were given the chance to preview a few other movies in hopes that we’d fall in love and talk about how fantabulous they were.

It worked. Sort of. The Odd Life of Timothy Green ended up being one of those movies that I was oddly drawn to (considering I’d walked into the theater thinking the premise was super creepy and expecting hate it).

In part it was the fact that this was a Jennifer Garner movie, and I adore her (even interviewed her later!). But there was something about the interview with the movie’s director (yes, got to do that too) that really stuck with me.

In explaining what he wanted to get across to people with the film, Peter Hedges noted that he believes that children don’t belong to their parents. Instead, we belong to them.

I’ve been thinking a lot about that this week. Mostly because Odd Life came out on DVD, and Disney sent me a review copy so I could FINALLY show it to my daughter (she’d begged to go see it in the theaters, but time got away from us).

But it’s also been a week when I’ve been more emotional than usual. I sat down to re-watch the movie, and I cried. I don’t remember doing that the last time. Maybe because I was still trying to figure out how a kid can just pop out of the garden to fulfill the hopes and dreams of a couple struggling with infertility (sorry, not ruining it for you … you have to go watch).

Or maybe it’s because this time I watched Odd Life with my daughter. I felt her little body up against me, and I was reminded that I won’t have this much longer, that she is the gift I have been given for about 18 years, at which point she will move on to do her own thing.

This is a family movie in the sense that it’s one for families to watch together. It’s a family movie because it makes you appreciate the family you have, the kids you are lucky to be able to parent.

I would like to say we never forget that, but in the hustle and bustle of the every day, of fixing shoelaces destroyed by the puppy and re-ordering the messed up Christmas cards, it happens. A reminder is always worth it …

Have you seen Odd Life of Timothy Green yet? Did you cry?

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Disclaimer: Disney provided the opportunity to screen Odd Life of Timothy Green prior to the release and provided me with a review copy of the DVD. All opinions expressed are my own.


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