Your Kid Isn’t That Funny … No, Really

child-hands-out-noIt’s one of the troubles of modern parenting: your kid does something that makes you laugh until the seltzer comes running out of your nose. You’re only just done wiping the tears from your eyes when you ask yourself, do I share this with the rest of the world? It’s just too good to pass up, right? It must be Facebook material!

Stop right there!

I stand by the belief that kids are rather expensive forms of entertainment for their parents. They make us laugh daily because Mother Nature knows that we need something to balance out all the “I’m going to pull my hair out” moments that kids bring to our lives.

But are they really that funny? Or are we really that hard up for amusement?

I say this confident, of course, that my little snowflake is the exception. My work recently asked me to take a bunch of adult movie titles and ask the 7-year-old what she thought they’d be about (without showing her the films of course). She thought Goodfellas would be about “Boys that are sassy.”

Hilarious, right?



OK, OK, I got a laugh out of it. Sheesh!

And that is my point, my dears. Our kids are hilarious, genius creatures in our eyes, which is just as it should be. A parent’s job is to be their kid’s champion.

But the likes of Facebook and Twitter have made it hard for us to suss out when we’re being our kid’s cheerleader and when we can’t see the forest for all the trees.

Everywhere there are parents sharing the wit of their future Seinfelds, and you just can’t wait to join in.

My kid, well, just last night she … oh wait, you don’t really care, do you?

My kid has many talents, and comedy may well be among them sometime down the line. But I’ll spare you the details. This time.

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  1. I found your blog through another blog that I follow. I really like your writing, it is so spot on. I don't know how many times my face book is packed full of funny kid stories that I don't necessarily want to read. I have my own little one and he says some stuff that cracks me up but I don't run to Facebook, but thats just the new parenting thing to do. I am going to follow your blog though 🙂

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