12 Dreams a Mother Has for Her Daughter

sleeping child

When you’re growing up, your dreams are big. Ballerina. Firefighter. Maybe even president one day (mine was first female president … we’re getting there, although I’ve come to terms with the fact that it won’t be me).

If you’re lucky, as you age you don’t forget to dream. But they’re smaller. Job with health insurance. Job with health insurance AND dental insurance. President of the company.

And then you become a parent, and the dreams you are chasing change once again.

I am a mother, and I have a dream … or three or four.

  1. I dream that one day I will find her coat on the hook … not underneath a sleeping cat.
  2. I dream that one day I will get the last cookie.
  3. I dream that one day my bathroom will be warm in the winter … because the laundry will be chucked in the basket instead of being dropped on the heat register.
  4. I dream that one day she will celebrate the 15 books I have bought in recent months that were a big hit and stop reminding me of that one book from three years ago that turned out to be a dud.
  5. I dream that one day she will remember to brush her teeth sometime before we’ve left the house to catch the bus.
  6. I dream that one day I’ll walk into the kitchen and find her feeding the dogs without me having to remind her 12 times.
  7. I dream that one day the books will magically find their way back to the shelves without ever touching my hands.
  8. I dream that one day she will sit in her own house, on her own couch, and want nothing more than to cuddle up on the couch for six straight hours with a book in her hand.
  9. I dream that one day she will go to a shelter and rescue puppies just like the ones she’s growing up with.
  10. I dream that one day she’ll look at herself in the mirror and smile at what she sees.
  11. I dream that one day she will realize how special she is.
  12. I dream that one day she’ll be president. Or a doctor. Or a princess fairy ballerina. Just so long as it makes her heart sing. 

What are YOUR dreams for your kids?

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