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little girls superhero underwear

If there’s one thing I have learned about parenting a little girl, it’s that you don’t get a lot of wins out there in society. We spend a lot of our time groaning about this backward company marketing a t-shirt that tells girls they’re too dumb for homework or that company that tries to sell her something pink and useless just because, OMG, it’s pink. So when something as cool as superhero underwear made for our daughters comes along, we celebrate the HELLO out of it!

When I heard the news that Fruit of the Loom had paired up with DC Comics to bring little girls their own pairs of super-awesome undies, I wrote about it at The Stir to make sure the world knew how excited I was.

And then I started my social media campaign to make sure Fruit of the Loom knew too!

And wouldn’t you know it, they were happy! So happy, in fact, that they offered up a package of the awesome underwear for my daughter! But I had a better idea … I asked if I could give a set away.

Good news y’all!

Fruit of the Loom agreed they couldn’t keep all that super to themselves. They’ve provided one package (brand new … you don’t have to give your girl my daughter’s hand-me-downs, I promise) for an awesome Inside Out Motherhood reader.

Now let’s talk about the fine print.

The undies come in packs of 7, including pairs with Batgirl, Wonder Woman, and Supergirl on them. They’re 100 percent cotton (thank goodness), and they are actually cut FOR a girl’s body … this is not her brother’s underwear rebranded for her.

I showed them to my daughter, and the response I got actually made me a little misty-eyed. She told me she wanted to be Wonder Woman … and when I asked if she knew about girl superheroes before the warrior princess, she admitted she didn’t. She knew Merida from Brave was, brave, she said, but she always thought superheroes were a “boy thing.”

Want to make sure your daughter knows there’s equal opportunity to be awesome? Make sure you enter the giveaway:

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  1. HEY GIRL. I WEAR A SIZE XS. I AM A CAT.These are adorable! are there any thor ones?

  2. OK, I love this! Good for these companies. I just recently signed a petition (honestly I can't remember who it was to) asking that they do this. It was from a mom that's little girl wanted superhero underwear. I only wish that they had these when I was little or maybe secretly wish now they had them in my size too.

  3. Ava would LOVE these! Entering now! 🙂

  4. Wonder Woman! Remind me to tell you about my Wonder Woman audition. I was a finalist, and I blew it. TRAGIC.

  5. I love them!

  6. Calley and Isabella both wear Charlie's old B uzz and Woody undies…imagine how tickled they would be to have super hero's!?! My fav was Wonder Woman too.

  7. Love these! Everyone deserves to feel (and dress!) like a superhero!

  8. Wonder Woman!

  9. I love me some Wonder Woman but I also think a lot of mamas are Superheroes!

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