Wreck-It Ralph Is Bringin’ 8-Bit Back

My 8-Bit, courtesy of the Disney graphics department!

Justin Timberlake brought sexy back. Wreck-It Ralph is bring the 8-Bit back.

Not sure what I’m talking about? If you were alive during the 1980s, you know what an 8-Bit is … even if you don’t recognize the term. The blocky pictures from the best arcade games were the height of cool when we were kids.

Now, thanks to one of my two favorite kids movies of 2012 (gotta admit it: Brave is right up there), OUR kids finally get to see what game graphics were for us old fogeys.

And I have to admit it … I’m feeling a bit nostalgic? Maybe even a wee bit more fond of the pixelated pictures than I ever thought I’d be?

I’m of the generation that still marvels that people can look REAL on a video game. I shudder at the thought of the return to 8-bit graphics. But when the graphics department at Disney made me my own 8-Bit, I admit I got giddy! I got the girl above during my recent trip to the Disney Animation Studios, and I’ve been showing her off to everyone.

Now, with Wreck-It Ralph hitting the shelves on Blu-Ray and DVD this week, there’s more than enough 8-Bit love to go around. Just check out these awesome stencils:

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Fess up: are you missing the 8-Bit too?

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Disclaimer: Disney covered my expenses to attend the Oz the Great and Powerful premiere and preview Wreck-It Ralph’s Blu-Ray release hoopla, however I was not compensated in any other way. All opinions expressed are completely my own … including the trip down memory lane.

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