Wings of Life DVD Takes Flight With a Little Girl’s Imagination

Wings of Life

So I may or may not have said a few thousand times by now that I’m stuck between a rock and a scientific hard place. Although I was every bit the geek girl, I was never a big science girl. Only now I’m raising a female in a world where the STEM subjects are everything.

This weekend, our march to raise a budding scientist continued. Our mission? To watch the new Disney Nature documentary, Wings of Life (releasing this week on Blu-Ray and DVD)

How does one hook a 7-year-old girl into sitting down for a 2-hour movie with 0 animation or singing? One word: butterflies.

I don’t remember going through the phase myself (although I probably did), but the butterfly obsession ranks right up there with the horse one for girls of a certain age … or at least for my daughter and her little buddies.

And the imagery of the vast Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve in Mexico is breathtaking in this film. There’s a moment when you can hear what sounds like a giant wing, but it is merely the beating wings of thousands of butterflies.

It’s majesty is breathtaking, as is much of this film, which somehow manages to turn even creepy-looking desert bats into beautiful pieces in the puzzle of life, eliciting an “aww” from my 7-year-old daughter.

In a week when I witnessed her spend 10 minutes outside in the middle of the road (a back country road, and yes, I watched for traffic) “rescuing” earthworms lest they be run over when the school bus arrived, that “aww” was another shot in the arm for us as parents. She’s getting it! She’s understanding that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, for one, but also that creatures great and small matter — regardless of how they look.

When Disney offered to send me a copy of Wings of Life,  I agreed because I know I’m not the only mom trying to make science exciting for her kids. But I’ll admit I was dubious: would a 7-year-old really want to watch a nature documentary? Featuring bats and bees? Because the butterflies, though an important part of the film and the world, are just a part.

The power of this film is in its ability to make the smallest of creatures and their place on this planet resonate with all ages, and empower our kids to make a difference. Ending with a variety of ways to protect these winged creatures, the film has my kid convinced we need to start planting flowers in our yard IMMEDIATELY and begging me to find her a butterfly kit online.

Just wait until she finds out how much science is involved in raising your own butterflies and planting your own flowers.

Wings of Life will be released on Tuesday, April 16, but you can get a sneak peek below!

Want more on the butterfly migration to whet your kids’ appetites? Check out Adios, Oscar! A Butterfly Fable by Peter Elwell. My daughter has outgrown the picture book, but she refuses to let go of the cute caterpillar and his dreams of Mexico. Not only does it cover the migration, but your kids will also learn the difference between moths and butterflies.

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Disclaimer: Disney provided a review copy of Wings of Life to facilitate this review. I was not otherwise compensated, and all opinions are my own … except those of my 7-year-old. She makes ALL those up herself!

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