5 Business You Need to Invest in Pre-Kid to Get Rich

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Just about every warning you read about preparing for kids includes a cost analysis. The latest figure from the USDA (which keeps track of such things) puts the cost of raising a kid to adulthood at around $234,900. That’s not factoring in inflation.
It’s just for food, shelter, and necessities.
Something tells me that doesn’t include paying for a steady supply of Littlest Pet Shops (if you don’t know, don’t ask … you’re better for not knowing), packs of chewing gum, or Oreos.
But you get the point. Kids cost money. A lot of it.
But the older mine gets, the more I wonder if the economists and the pregnancy book authors aren’t coming at this the wrong way. They tell us to save and save, and then go save some more before deciding to have kids.
Maybe they should be telling us to spend or rather, invest.
The amount of toilet paper the average toddler goes through in a week, for example, is sure to play an ample role in the size of a dividend check for a paper company stockholder.
And that’s just one product!
I can’t imagine the money I’d be sitting on now if I’d just invested wisely in the following:
1. Bandages. Anyone who has ever been a parent, heck, anyone who has ever spent 5 minutes with a child knows that Band-Aids fix darn near everything. Real boo boos. Imagined boo boos. Dropped ice cream. Stuffed animals who have boo boos because they were dropped while trying to hold onto one’s ice cream …
2. Tissues. Ever heard the term “snot-nosed kid?” Enough said.
3. Stickers. To people 4 feet tall and under, there is no such thing as a surface that can’t be improved by these little stick-um backed bits of paper. Bookcases. Beds. Toilets. Windows. You name it, I’ve found a sticker on it. Which leads me to …
4. Stick-Um Remover. The person who invented the spray used to remove not just stickers but crayon and marker must be a billionaire by now, and it’s all on the backs of parents like me.

5. Glitter. If it isn’t a sticker, it’s a sparkly fleck of something scattered ’round the room. Glitter is like the American Express of the kid world; they don’t leave home without it, and neither do their parents. It’s on your clothes. On your cheek. In your sandwich…

What do you use in ample supply in your house … that you wish YOU had invested in?

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  1. Stickers are so evil! Are boys the same with that? I have 2 girls and stickers have been everywhere including the 100 year old side table handed down in the family…and the cat. I would add sharpies to the list. Again, maybe it was only my kids but they could sniff out a permanent marker for miles. Then draw with it in the most conspicuous places. I still have a blue smiley on my living room wall right next to my work space. Thanks kids!

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