Come Onnnnn Children’s Place

Of all the things I dread about my child growing older — and there are many — I dread her growing out of The Children’s Place.

Go figure … the mom who wears jeans and a sweatshirt EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. cares about kid fashion.

The truth is, I’ve started to dread shopping for clothes for my daughter. Not because of anything she’s done — she’s begun to develop her own taste and asserts herself, but manages to do it politely — but because of the clothes in half the stores that cater to young girls.

You know what I’m talking about, Moms and Dads (and grandmas and aunts and uncles and … ). The t-shirts with slogans that tell girls they’re too dumb to do homework. The pants with the writing across the behind, drawing the eyes to a young girl’s derriere.

If anyone wonders why 7-year-olds are dressing like tramps these days, it’s because there are slim pickings on the shelves.

Except for the aforementioned Children’s Place.

It’s become my port in the storm, the one place where her newly developed “taste” meets my cringe test. There are sparkles, but not too many. There are sayings, but not too dumb. There is style … and it’s just right.

Desperate for some solace in  your search to find something your daughter can wear without making you want to hide? 

The Children’s Place allowed my daughter to take a look through some of the clothes in their new line recently (blogger disclaimer here). The relief I found as she oohed and aahed is worth every second of agony it was to let me take her picture to share my favorites with you.

This purple dress is my favorite example of why I love the Children’s Place — you can find everything there … from an outfit for running around the park to a floaty dress perfect for a spring wedding.

This romper ($19.95) is the perfect example of why SHE loves the Children’s Place — it’s soft cotton made for play, but some sparkles on the ruffled collar and a spaghetti strap over one shoulder make playtime more hip and fun.

I think the smile says it all … and dresses like this one go for less than $30.

What is your go-to store for your kids? Are you a Children’s Place fan?

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Disclaimer: I received several Children’s Place outfits to facilitate this review but was not otherwise compensated. All opinions are my own … including the gushing. Especially the gushing.


  1. Oh, no! Your words were salt in the wound to me as I promised JUST THIS MORNING to buy nothing more from Children's Place until they agree to contribute to the fund for the Bangladesh building collapse victims. Come on, Children's Place…120,000 pounds of clothes from the factory? Cough up some cash. Those people deserve it. And I want to buy my daughter sparkly non-slutty summer stuff…

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