Giveaway: Dad’s Book of Awesome Projects

Mike Adamick

There are two types of people in this world. The ones who are crafty … and the ones who have friends who are crafty. I’m the latter.

I am the reason the word Pinterest Fail exists. But my friend Mike Adamick (you might know him as the dad behind Cry It Out — the blog, not the parenting method) more or less looks at a needle and thread and unicorns and kittens pop out. His daughter is so lucky.

And you and I? Well, we’re close. Mike isn’t going to fly in with a superhero cape he just Macguyvered up flapping in the breeze behind him to save you from that unfortunate glue gun accident. But he does have a book out: Dad’s Book of Awesome Projects.

I’ve read it, and I can assure you, this is not hyperbole on behalf of the book publishers who really just want to move some product. It is indeed awesome in the way that only books that provide you with the means to make your kid a fruit crate scooter can be. This is not another book filled with baking soda volcanoes and pipe cleaner flowers. Mike has come up with projects you can do with your kids, and they’ll actually want to play with after.

Oh, and the awesomeness isn’t just in the creativity of the projects, but in the detailed instructions that you’d have to be an idiot (or you know, me) to screw up. 

And because I am ALSO awesome, I’ve got a copy to give away!

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  1. I asked my 5 year old to tell me the biggest craft fail – she reminded me of the day she and the babysitter worked on putting stickers on a headband for an hour… and then when it was just right, they both put them in their hair. Stickers. Hair. Yuck!!!

  2. Most of the things I try to emulate from Pinterest result in spectacular fails. Actually, my roommate in college and I specialized in baking ugly cakes for parties.

  3. The biggest fail was those melted crayon things on pinterest…ours just looked like crayons glued to paper. Failure

  4. probably a glue gun that was let on and burned through the fabric

  5. How about making daisy chains and crowns, only to find out the daisies were covered in ants?

  6. My boys and I made homemade playdough, and it turned out great, up until they started eating it.

  7. My son wanted a cookie maker for Christmas and it looked so dang easy on the commercial so we said sure why not. Omg The cookies turned out like blobs with no distinction of what we tried to make. Messy and took for ever. No cookie crafts with play dough plastic again.

  8. Cookie cutter craft. Messy and unrecognizable blob for all the work would be a big fail. All the tiny little plastic pieces and the dough getting stuck in everything. This was a project begged for by my son and I thought of all the dreams that come with it…chef of a resort, cook of the Disney Wonder……any fabulous creative food master..What a dud.

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