Giveaway: Gluten Is My Bitch … the Book!!

gluten-free cookbook

Part of being a writer is being really jealous that your other fabulous writer friends get book deals … and bitching that you haven’t gotten one yet. OK, so maybe it’s because you haven’t actually written a book yet. Or, well, even come up with your idea. But you get the point. My fabulous writer friends are all getting book deals … and in the case of one fabulous April Peveteaux, aka the funny behind the blog Gluten Is My Bitch, that book is now out on shelves!

If the word gluten made your eyes just glaze over, please come back to me. Didn’t you read the rest of that title? The hilarity that comes out of her head is enough to actually make this gluten-loving non-celiac read her blog on the regular.

As a vegetarian, I can’t help getting into people who really understand alternative eating lifestyles, and my girl April has gone full bore into gluten-free since being diagnosed as a celiac (nope, she’s not trendy … just unfortunate).

And my friends, it’s good. Good enough to make me try eating a gluten-free donut kind of good.



Oh wait, where was I? Oh right, fabulous writer friends and their fabulous books.

Being friends and what not means I got the hook up for a copy of Gluten Is My Bitch … the book. And of course I have to share. The book, that is, not the donuts.

Want a copy? Take it away ….

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  1. Yes, please. 🙂

  2. Donut is my favorite flavor. But if I could have my pick it would be custard filled and topped with chocolate.

  3. Plain glazed. I'm simple.

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