It’s the Mets + the Wiggles for a Mother of a Sunday!

I don’t know how my husband and I ended up on the topic, but we were debating whether or not we’re “boring” parents the other day. We don’t do anything outlandish in this house; no mom in a rock band or dad in a motorcycle gang. But we realized our daughter has had a pretty steady diet of out-on-the-town experiences.

She’s been to Major League baseball games, minor league baseball games, minor league hockey games, and major league soccer games … and a whole lot more.

And at the risk of tooting my own horn (ahem, it is MY blog), I have to admit it’s worth it.

This is why I became a Mets mom this summer. Because I believe in getting your kids out to baseball games and the like. Because kids need to get out, explore the world, experience big things!

And the latest offering from the Mets fits right in with that theme … and I’ve got a big discount deal for Inside Out readers. Here’s the deal:

The Mets have invited the Wiggles to Citi-Field on Sunday, May 12. Yes, that’s Mother’s Day. What better way to spend it than hanging with the kids?

How about hanging with the kids AND the Wiggles?

Inside Out readers can do both with a private Meet &Greet with The Wiggles from 11:30 a.m. – 12:15 p.m. or 1:15 p.m. – 2 p.m. in the Mets Cafe at Sunday’s home game against the Pirates (the game starts at 1:15, so you’ll miss a portion of the game for this one … but there should be less people there so it might be easier with the kids!).

For $65 per person, package includes:
• One (1) Field Level ticket • Exclusive photo opportunity with The Wiggles!

Want in? Of course you do!

Purchase tickets online or contact Matt Gulotta at 718-559-3044 or

What’s been your family’s favorite BIG outing?

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