The Things Moms Say (Over & Over & Over)

Sometimes I wonder if my daughter needs me so much as she needs an iPod playlist set on shuffle.
“Clean that up.”
“Because it will blow up, that’s why!”
See what I mean?
Of course my kid needs me. She needs someone to make sure she doesn’t walk out of the house looking like a ragamuffin. She needs someone to cuddle her tight in the middle of the night when she’s fallen out of bed. She needs someone to cut her PB&J into four perfectly even triangles.
But the rest of the time, well, if only I could train an iPod to spit out the proper response on command. It would save my voice. And perhaps my sanity.
Because the older my kid gets, the less I say that hasn’t been said before.
“So stop touching it!”
“Get back in bed!”

“I don’t know where you put your own lunchbag/backpack/shoe/toothbrush/stuffed cat/book/headband …”

Truly scary? The number of things you never thought you’d say, and find yourself saying multiple times.
“Stop tickling my butt.”

“Don’t lick the dog!”

“Don’t let the dog lick you!”

Who says the best lines come from the “mouths of babes?” I’ve got my own gems, and they just keep spewing forth in my unending effort to raise a tiny human into a big, slightly less boorish one.
Wish me luck.
What do you find yourself repeating OVER and OVER and OVER? 
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