Watching Childhood From the Other Side of the Fence

I’ve said more than a few times over the years that you couldn’t pay me to return to high school. You still can’t.

The school bus. The chemistry labs. The pecking order.

Never again.

I’d rather go back further.

Eight seems about right, when times were simpler, pleasures easy to find.

When all it took to make “the awesomest day ever” was Mom talking your big cousin into taking you on a tractor ride around Callicoon on parade day.

When the sight of candy being chucked from the back of a tractor train made your eyes big as saucers.

When you could hop aboard the same merry-go-round you’ve played on at the park hundreds of times before and it would be like a brand new adventure.

When the small landing above your slide was a clubhouse and three small swings in your backyard a gymnastics center.

When the most confounding question of the evening was: what will I read when I finish this book?

When your friends crowd ’round you in the backyard to watch you blow out candles on your birthday cupcakes.

When you can’t wait to actually “feel” your age.

I’d go back there … but I don’t have to. I’m watching it from the other side this time.

Is there one age you’d go back to?

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  1. Love the photo babe 😀

  2. Yep… I'd say when I was 10 or 12. I had some choices to make back then. Interesting post, made me think a lot. Thanks.

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