Dolphin Organics Has the Solution to Big Kids Who Won’t Use ‘Baby’ Bath Products

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We have an 8-year-old, not a baby. And as she thunders like a freight train toward puberty, I have a fear of anything that will get her there too fast. This is the dark side of being a parenting writer — you’ve read every study about the dangers of toxic ingredients in kids’ products.

But when scouting for the best non-toxic bath and body products out there, I kept running into the same problem. Everything says baby on it.

Now, the adult in me knows that you can use a “baby” product on an 8-year-old. The problem is, the 8-year-old reads “baby,” and she flips.

Product manufacturers, allow me to put you on notice: it doesn’t take kids long to understand the word “baby” and want absolutely nothing to do with it. We’re all about trying to keep them little as long as we can, while kids are all about growing up as fast as they possibly can.

Enter Dolphin Organics and its Dolphin Naturals line.

I have to admit that I happened upon this company because I’m a blogger, and they were doing smart marketing. They sent me a bottle of Just Berry conditioner and one of Just Berry shampoo. They were free.

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But what really drew me was the lack of the word “baby” on the label.

Nothing about it screamed “this is for little kids, big kids throw a fit if your mom tries to use it.” 

After checking them out on the Environmental Working Groups Skin Deep cosmetics database — which I check on every beauty product these days — I found this was a company I could trust. They don’t just use organic products and stamp natural on there to make you feel good about their products.

Every single ingredient is listed on the back with an explanation of why it’s there.
And the products are all vegan, hypoallerganic and free of parabens, sodium benzoate and all harsh chemical.

This is what mattered to me. No hormone-interrupting chemicals.

Here’s what matters to my daughter, and is why I’ve purchased several hundred dollars of the Dolphin Natural line since getting those first two freebies: it’s not for “babies.”

It’s for big kids and has a delicious fruity scent to match. When she actually uses the conditioner (cough, cough), it leaves her hair soft and tangle-free, and the body wash actually cuts the grime that builds up during a day of playing hard.

In short? I’m in love.

So in love that I reached out to Dolphin Organics and asked if they’d share a promo code to help hook Inside Out Motherhood readers. They gladly obliged!

So here it is — your intro to happiness:

Use coupon code IOM20 and you’ll get 20% off during the month of July 2013. You have to sign in to your account on the site (an account is free) to get the discount, but once you do, you also build points toward future purchases (another reason I’m hooked on this company).

Happy showering!

Do your kids have this issue with the word “baby”? What is your work-around?

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