Mentos & Diet Coke: Something’s Exploding ‘Round Here

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One of the things I love about being a parent is that it’s a do-over of childhood of sorts. It’s not that I’m trying to be my kid’s friends or fit back into my hideous ’80s wear (seriously, what do today’s whippersnappers SEE in all that neon?). But I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’m enjoying the chance to do some of the things I missed out on when I was actually knee high to a grasshopper (sorry, I’ve always wanted to use that saying).

Take the Mentos and Diet Coke trick.

We were not Mentos eaters in our house when I was growing up. We weren’t Diet Coke drinkers either — or soda drinkers at all really.

So I never got to turn a bottle of fizzy stuff into a gushing geyser when I was a kid.

Fortunately, I went and had a kid … and had the perfect excuse to mix the two.

My kid is hooked on Candy Experiments — because, well, anything that has candy in it is really pretty rad.

And when we were poking around a craft store recently, stocking up on the craft kits that help my mother’s helpers keep her out of my hair during summer vacation, my husband found a geyser tube specifically made for dropping the Mentos candy into a bottle of soda without making a giant mess. It was on sale, so we figured we’d give it a try:

Giant messy explosion accomplished!

Another thing checked off my bucket list!

Want to do one at your house? A few suggestions, if I may:

1. Buy cheap soda. No point in wasting the good stuff — we used the store brand, and it was fine.

2. Do it outside! Don’t bet on this not working; it will spray pretty far.

3. Set the soda up on something, not just the ground. Like I said, it will spray, but it’s more dramatic when you’ve given the thing a little height to begin with.

4. Use a tube. You don’t necessarily need the geyser tube we purchased. If you have a wide-mouthed funnel, that’s fine too. But dropping the Mentos in one by one is a pain in the butt (and sure to get you messy). You want to be able to pre-load something, then drop it on top of the open soda bottle so you can run … QUICKLY!

Have you tried the Mentos and Diet Coke trick yet?

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