NY Mets Send a Powerful Message to Little Girls

Mets mascotIt isn’t always easy being mother of a daughter. The world still tells little girls that their dreams should be delicate, their adventures on the lighter side.

It’s my job to bust through all that, to show her that anything boys can do she can do too.

This weekend, we checked another step in that process off our list.
We went to a New York Mets game, which, in and of itself, means little to a little girl. Major League Baseball is a bastion of big boys living their little boy dreams.
But the Mets have done something special for all the little girls out there; they’ve brought back Mrs. Met.
Don’t remember a Mrs. Met? The team’s bobble-headed mascot hasn’t had a wife since the ’70s, but she’s back now, dressed in the signature uniform and sporting a giant ponytail on the back of her giant ball-shaped head.
Sunday, because of the blogger relationship I’ve formed with the team, my daughter was one of the kids who got to meet her (and Mr. Met) up close and personal.
I watched how she approached them carefully.
She went straight for Mrs. Met, wrapping her arms around the (amazingly) tiny waist of the person inside the costume.
She’d done the same with Mr. Met on a previous meeting, but this time, she had little use for him. There was a girl icon in her midst, and that was that. She had a new heroine.
What did she see in Mrs. Met?
She couldn’t quite put it into words. But I’ve seen the way my little girl lights up when she sees girl heroes put in front of her. It’s like a lightbulb going off in her brain, telling her that her girlhood is appreciated, celebrated, that being a girl is a good thing.

Maybe my little girl will never play baseball (although she swung a wicked bat in the cages at Citifield!), but in just one meeting with one mascot, she got a powerful message: that dream is worth dreaming if she wants it.

Do you have a daughter? Has she ever said “that’s for boys?”

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Disclaimer: The Mets provided free tickets to attend Sunday’s game against the Phillies. I was not otherwise compensated, and all opinions are my own. 

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