Your Kid’s Heroes Aren’t Who You Think

Last week I witnessed the child of a famous actor approach her soccer coach and ask for his autograph. A number of kids – my own included – quickly followed suit.

Was this coach a superstar? An up and comer?


He was just a young guy from England who signed up for a summer teaching kids to play soccer, but to a bunch of little kids he was a hero, a god among men.

Even the child of someone people the world over seek out for autographs saw him this way.
And why not? He’d spent a week teaching little kids how to dribble and pass and had fun doing it. He was a hero, in his own way.

There’s a lesson in this, isn’t there? We spend so much time worrying about the influence celebrities are having on our kids. Go on the Internet, and you’ll find thousands of articles instructing parents on “how to talk to their kids” about each and every celebrity scandal.

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But at the end of the day, most kids could care less what Snooki or Kim Kardashian have done lately. They’re too busy building pedestals in their mind for the people they see every day. Their teachers. Their coaches. Their parents.

It’s almost freeing.

Instead of fretting every time a baseball player is caught using steroids, each time an actress gets a DUI, we could ignore those messes entirely. Our kids don’t care – at least not as much as we think.
We could, instead, spend that time policing ourselves, making sure there’s less “do as I say” and more “do as I do.”
We are, after all, the heroes in their lives.

We need to live up to it.

Who are YOUR kid’s heroes?

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