Ain’t No Summer Like a Kid Summer

I love the summer. The longer days. The warmth. The cookouts.

Need I go on? Born in July, the promise that the summer months will return is what keeps me going in the depths of a New York winter.

But what I’d REALLY love is to have just one more summer like my daughter.

Remember kid summers?

When you woke up in the morning filled with excitement over a day that stretched before you, full of nothing and everything all at once?

No school, plenty of sunshine.

Would you run out into the backyard, still in your PJs, with the box of cereal in hand, and settle in on your swings for breakfast al fresco?

Would you don a bathing suit and spend three hours filling buckets with icy cold water straight from the hose, screeching with delicious delight each time some spilled over on your feet?

Would you sit on the back porch with a pal and the pile of popsicles you’d “rescued” from the freezer, working your way through the red ones, the blue ones, and finally to the dreaded purple ones?

Would a friend with a pool call with an offer to come play or could you convince Mom to take you to the big pool in town?

Would you spend an entire afternoon picking the marshmallows out of the box of Lucky Charms, lining them up on the dining room table and then eating them, one by one?

Would you spend an entire afternoon decorating the driveway with a chalked wonderland?

You could do any of them, all of them, or any of dozens of other options.

This is the summer my 8-year-old is having. She awakens in the morning sure that the day will be full of fun, water and probably some popsicles.
We adults may have our June, July and August adventures, but they’ll never again achieve the greatness of summer as a child. Although … there’s no reason big people can’t have their own popsicles.

What’s your favorite kid summer memory?


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  1. Favorite memory would have to be putting on my bathing suit first thing in the morning, eating something ridiculous for breakfast if I could get away with it, then waiting for the magic words: You can get in the pool. MAGIC!

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