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You know you’re getting old when your box of business cards come in the mail, and you’ve got butterflies. This is my life. I’m the old lady photographer who gets all fluttery when her new business cards come in.

But would you just LOOK at them (black boxes not on the real thing):

They’re gaw-JUS.

And I am a convert, 100 percent to

And not just because they’re giving away a $100 gift card to an Inside Out Motherhood reader. Oh wait, did I mention that?

Let me back up a second.

I’m always meaning to order business cards for my photography business. I have cards for my “real” job, but those come from my company. Unfortunately I’m a mixture of cheap and a procrastinator, so I never got around to it, as much as I needed to, in part because I didn’t know WHERE to buy them. The web is chock-a-block with choices these days, and I didn’t know who would do a decent job and not waste my money. 

I’ve been hearing about Moo among bloggers for awhile now. They were giving out a Klout Perk at one point, and a whole bunch of moms jumped at the chance for some free stuff. I heard only good things, but you know how it goes — is it great because it was free or great because it was, well, great?

So when Moo offered to let me print a few cards, I figured I had nothing to lose. If the printing was foul, well, at least I wasn’t out the moo-lah (pun intended).

But the printing was far from foul. In fact, for 50 of the most basic cards — which costs $19.99 — I got thick card stock, double-sided printing (that photo at the tippy top is the flip side), and the color photos look just as good on paper as they do on my computer screen.

That doesn’t happen very often — not at that price point, anyway. Typically you find yourself spending an arm and a leg for quality printing, which I suppose should surprise me less, but is troubling when you consider the stiff competition on the web. Printers are a dime a dozen these days, but so few seem to take the time to really put out a quality product. It’s enough for them to get your business once; they don’t bother to retain it.

This is why I’ll be returning to Moo, even though from here on out it WILL cost me money. Because they gave me something worth returning to, something that as a photographer, I can actually present to customers and say, “hey, hire me, I recognize that you want someone who cares about quality, so I actually focused on quality printing.”

Too often we forget that putting our names on something means being judged upon its quality, be it a blog post or a simple business card. We always have to keep in mind that this could be the difference between getting hired again or being passed over.

This, too, is why I’m bothering to share all of this with you on this blog. Because it’s not about getting something for free, it’s about telling people that it’s WORTH IT to look for quality, to demand quality.

Want to try Moo out yourself? I’ve got a promo so you can get 50 free business cards (excludes shipping and handling).

Even better, the folks at Moo are giving away a $100 gift card. You know what to do:

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