THIS Is Why You Ask Your Kids Questions

Sometimes it really stinks being a kid. We forget that, don’t we?

I got a reminder, big time, this week … of how hard it is for little people who are totally out of control when the big people make up their minds about something.  It taught me, the mom, a lesson about always TALKING to my kid before I make an assumption.

I’m not a perfect mother; I have never pretended to be. But I do believe I become a BETTER one when  I learn from my mistakes. We all can.

And I’m not afraid to lay it all out there … so here it is:

My daughter had a playdate this week with a pal who I’m always happy to have over for the simple fact that the two of them get along like peas and carrots. They quite literally never fight.

I’m not sure if it’s because he’s such an agreeable kid or because their personalities mesh perfectly, or what. Point is: their playdates require no parental intervention aside from the occasional head poked ’round the door to see if anyone wants something to eat.

But even these two besties can surprise me. Behold the absolutely terrifying site I discovered when I stepped away from my computer to check in on them. Be warned, it’s rather … interesting?

So what’s going through your mind?

Psychopaths in the making, right? They were drowning dolls! NAKED dolls! And ponies. And the “animals”  of the Littlest Pet Shop.

I will be 100 percent honest  here: I had bunny boiling in mind, and I was thisclose to calling the kid’s mother and saying, “We need to talk about Not-Kevin.” I wasn’t angry. I was terrified. The blame, perhaps, goes to a job where I spend too much time writing about God awful crimes against humanity. My brain has been re-wired to expect the worst … even in my own house, from my own kid.

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I assumed they were up to no good. But you know what they say about people who assume, right? This goes double when it comes to kids.

But I’m not a total ass this time.

Because before I got myself into a full blown tizzy and started calling kiddie shrinks, I decided to ask the two 8-year-olds in my kitchen what they heck they thought they were doing.

The answer? They were having a pool party for the toys. As for the naked dolls, well, they didn’t want to get their clothes wet … but the doll clothes bin doesn’t have any bathing suits in it.

And there you have it. Simple, innocent explanation for a scene that was rather … well, you saw the evidence. In this case, the photo really is worth 1,000 words (or 3,000?).

And the few seconds taken to consider the kids’ feelings was equal to peace of mind.

What would you have thought if you’d come across this sight in your kitchen?

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