Summer Will Be Back

Well, I guess it’s over. Summer, I mean. The kids go back to school tomorrow, and we adults go back to pretending we are, well, adults.

But it happened so fast.

Yesterday we were watching fireworks and flying the flag.

The day before that I was putting my daughter up on a tractor in the Callicoon parade.

That was last week, wasn’t it?

There were so many things we did, and yet so many never done.

This is the blessing and curse of summer both: it holds such promise, so many chances, but only so many days to get them all done.

We didn’t make the river this year. Again.

I was raised on the river — literally, right in front of it, and yet I’m the mom whose daughter has never floated it. Shame on me.

Shame on the fast feet of summer racing toward Labor Day.

We didn’t make the corn on the cob this year either.

Let me explain: we bought it. Several times. We just … never made it. Somehow each ear got lost in the fridge and ended up in the compost pile. It will feed next year’s tomatoes.

And don’t get me started on the grand plans for the grill. Pizza! I’ve never made pizza on a grill! This was to be the year … but we just … never made it.

Just as we never made a concert at Bethel Woods this year (sorry Luke Bryan, I heard you were a looker), or hit the community pool, or, or, or …

Oh summer, you are a fickle friend, and you are much too finite.

But word has it you’ll be back.

Make it snappy, would you?

What did you miss this summer?

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