Giveaway: American Girl Bitty Baby Doll

It’s here, it’s here, it’s finally here! An American Girl doll that doesn’t require hours of maintenance work to keep that hair looking fabulous! Even better? I’ve got one to give away!

Judging solely from the number of hits on this here website on the “American Girl doll hair fix” post I wrote a few years back, this is a problem for more moms than just me. But the folks at American Girl, in putting out a more traditional baby doll, have given us some sweet, sweet relief. Her name is Bitty Baby, and she’s well … look at her!

The Bitty Baby above is white with blue eyes and blond hair — chosen simply because she’s a match to my own daughter — but the American Girl company has done right by girls around America with a variety of skin tones and hair and eye colors so your little girl can find a baby doll that looks “just” like her.

And did I mention she’s got no hair? Well, OK, just the painted on close to the skull hair of an itty bitty baby. It’s all the cuteness of an American Girl doll without all the work.

She’s cheaper too — Bitty Baby runs a cool $80 with a book and “wish star.”

But you can get one for free!

The folks at American Girl have provided me with two (one to facilitate this review and one to give away). Want in? Of course you do … and you know what to do:

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  1. Kit is my favorite doll.Thanks!

  2. I love KayaRafflecopter Name is Anne Taylor

  3. I think Saige is an adorable American Girl!I'm expecting my first baby (girl!), Ava Grace, in November–I'd love to win a sweet Bitty Baby Doll for her!

  4. My daughters favorite American Girl Doll is Saige. Thanks gahome2mom

  5. My daughter loves Bitty Baby!

  6. My daughter would love to have an American Girl doll – she's been asking for one for a while. This would be perfect!

  7. caroline is our favoritehdignanrn at yahoo dot com

  8. I always liked Kit!

  9. We love Julie ,

  10. Kit is my fav

  11. Samantha always!

  12. Kit is our favorite!

  13. Molly is my favorite!

  14. I like Molly the best!!

  15. Rebecca is my favorite.kellywcu8888ATgmailDOTcom

  16. I always wanted Molly when I was growing up. I plan on getting my daughter a Bitty Baby for Christmas.

  17. I always liked Samantha and the Bitty Babies (they've been around for a long time).

  18. Samantha or Felicity

  19. Kirsten was always my favorite but I think she is discontinued now:(

  20. My girls love samantha and they really want a bitty baby too.

  21. My grand daughter would love this!

  22. Oh my favorite is Caroline!

  23. My granddaughter would LOVE this Bitty Baby… also we love Saige & Felicity (Among many MANY others, Lol!) Thanks for the chance…

  24. Samantha, but she has been retired

  25. Julie! The 70s are awesome.

  26. I think Saige is pretty!

  27. Saige is so cute! 🙂

  28. Julie!would love to in for my daughter.octoberbaby1990 at yahoo dot com

  29. Samantha! 😀

  30. I really like Saige!

  31. I have a soft spot for Kit!

  32. We love Caroline!maggietucker10 at yahoo dot com

  33. We love Caroline Abbott. It's on her wish list, her great-grandmother's name is Carolyn Abbott. Such a coinkydink. Thanks for the

  34. I like the name Saige most of all, so that's the doll on my girl's Christmas list! (yes, we start that before Halloween…!)

  35. Favorite is Saige so cute

  36. My favorite is Felicity. I still have mine! I will probably get a Caroline for my daughter when she's old enough

  37. Kit is my favorite.

  38. I love Bitty Baby! My older daughter received one as a gift from my great aunt before she passed away. I'd love to win this one to give to my younger daughter so they each have one.

  39. A huge American Girl doll catalog came this week in the mail…my daughter is ogling over it every night!!

  40. I love them all! But Kirsten will forever be my favorite!

  41. My Calley and Isabella are both so young that they are just starting to like dolls. I think that the bitty baby is my favorite, she's adorable and then I can skip dealing with the doll hair for a while longer!!! Talk about making a great christmas present! YAY!!!!

  42. Marie-Gracetbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  43. I like Kirsten too!

  44. I love Kit

  45. I'm not familiar with the newer dolls. When I was a girl, I loved the Molly books, and Samantha.Thanks!

  46. When I was younger, I got Samantha so I'll always love her. I also like Kit though, because she's "local" from Cincinnati

  47. my favourite is Marie-Grace

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