‘Gravity Falls’ — The Best Kids Show You Aren’t Watching — Finally Hits DVD

OMG, it’s finally here! Gravity Falls is out on DVD! What’s Gravity Falls, you’re asking?

Yes, this is the problem. Gravity Falls — which features the voice of the hilarious Kristen Schaal — might be the best kids show on television at the moment, but even Disney’s DVD release makes it pretty clear it’s getting the hype it should. The entertainment giant has released a collection of “Six Strange Tales,” just in time for Halloween. Six tales. Out of two seasons? Come on, Disney! This show deserves better!

Not that the six tales aren’t great; I’m not going to look this gift horse in the mouth (and I do mean a gift horse — Disney sent me a review copy of the DVD … blogger disclaimer and all that jazz). It’s better than nothing, and it’s a sign that maybe the network is

If you’re a diehard of the show, you already know it follows 12-year-old twins Mabel and Dipper who use their summer vacation (yes, as the other great Disney Channel show Phineas & Ferb has taught us, all of the ultimate things happen on summer vacay) to visit their Grunkle (great uncle) Stan in Gravity Falls, Oregon.

At first I gave it a wide berth because the animation was markedly similar to that of Fish Hooks — a show I can’t stand. Turns out Gravity Falls’ creator was a writer on Fish Hooks.

But where Hooks is just plain annoying, Falls is quirky. It’s smart. And it plays against stereotypes.

The episodes are driven by mysteries, mixing the dynamics of family vacations with every kid’s taste for adventure and some supernatural shenanigans. Think Scooby Doo meets Harry and the Hendersons. And each begins with a word game in the opening credits which kids can decode with clues given at the end. It may be TV, but it’s not melting their brains.

Oh, and a sure way to the heart of the mother of a daughter? Mabel is not the sidekick. She’s every bit as important to the storyline as brother Dipper. Which is only made cooler by the fact that Kristen Schaal pretty much kicks ass.

So why isn’t everybody watching?

Come on, folks, we want season one to hit DVD, so please, run out and buy the six strange tales. Let Disney know this really is the best show on kids TV!

What is your favorite Gravity Falls episode? Leave it in comments?

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