Giveaway: My Little Pony Princess Twilight Sparkle Figure

My little pony princess sparkle figure

Parents, do you ever look through your kids’ toy box and feel a heady rush of deja vu? There’s Strawberry Shortcake and the Ninja Turtles, and over there is a Care Bear giving you a stare.  The marketers know exactly what they’re doing. They know we parents can hardly resist the siren call of nostalgia. This holiday, I’m betting it will be the song of My Little Pony parents are hearing on Black Friday and in the weeks that follow.

And I do mean that literally

Hasbro has come out with a giant My Little Pony Princess Twilight Sparkle figure that not only rocks a seriously long mane — perfect for hours of brush, brush, brushing to your heart’s content — but press a button on her hindquarters, and she sings too. What little MLP fan could resist?

Certainly not the little girls who noticed an MLP Princess Twilight Sparkle sitting in my guest room, waiting to go up as a giveaway on Inside Out.

They informed me it’s all they ever wanted (well, that and a rainbow loom, and maybe a few dozen other things … kids … so fickle!). Still, from the way they were slobbering over it, I’m thinking this is a bona fide holiday hit.

I had to wrest it from their clutches, folks, and I was very nearly glitter bombed in the process, but I did it — just for you. The hot My Little Pony this season retails for nearly $50 (at Toys R Us ) but you can get her for freeeeeeeeee. Just enter below!

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  1. Princess Celestia cracks me up. Especially the one Aurora has when it's batteries run low. Then again, most toys are funny when their batteries run low…

  2. Rarity is best pony!

  3. Pinkie Pie is my favorite.

  4. Twilight Sparkle:)

  5. My favorite on the show is Pinky Pie.

  6. Pinkie Pie is my favorite.

  7. Twilight Sparkel or Derpy

  8. i love twighlight sparkle

  9. My girls like Rainbow DashJessica Cox

  10. My daughter loves them all I can only remember pinkie pie!michelle

  11. Oh my favorite pony is Rainbow Dash!

  12. I like Iron Will the Minotaur motivational speaker. Granny smith is good too tho.

  13. I like Fluttershy. She reminds me of my daughter who is shy and likes animals.

  14. we like twilight sparkle best 🙂

  15. One of my twins loves Rainbow Dash.

  16. Sara Floyd says:

    We love Applejack

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