Hunting Isn’t Pretty But It’s Part of Life

“You might want to wipe the blood off your shoes before you get in the car.” No, that’s not the beginning of a police procedural TV show.

It was a warning from a friend Sunday afternoon as we left a local restaurant that plays host to one of the many deer contests here in the county. The reminder that a hunter had just pulled in to show off his prize wasn’t in the restaurant but outside on the pavement.

I looked down at the bits of red on my sneakers. I wiped them in the grass. And I walked to my car. It was only as I settled in my front seat that I was struck by my own nonchalance about the whole thing.

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Just last week, I was witness to an Internet kerfuffle over a celebrity who posted a photo to Instagram of herself, her husband, their toddler, and a dead deer. The outraged interwebs accused her of exposing their little boy to “violence.”

In truth, I’d seen the photo before the explosion of outrage because I’m on the “Teen Mom” beat at The Stir, the website where I write daily. When I’d looked, I hadn’t seen violence. I’d seen a family that will have a freezer full of venison.

And I, quite simply, moved on.

Does this mean I’m immune to violence?

Cruel? Inhumane?

Of course not.

It’s simply a matter of city versus country, of experience with the subject at hand.

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Dead deer to us “country folk” aren’t slaughtered for the fun of it; they’re killed to feed families.

They’re killed to thin the herd, to keep them from wasting away on their own from lack of food.

But you know this, don’t you? Anyone who lives in the country knows that hunting deer is not violent so much as it simply is.

This is how food gets to the table.

Animals are taken down. Killed if you will.

They are processed. They are eaten.

We know this.

And yet, when I wrote about Teen Mom Mackenzie Douthit’s dead deer debacle, one outraged reader told me it was irresponsible for families to go out and hunt deer because we don’t have a shortage of food in this country, there is plenty to go around.

Where do they think that food comes from, I wondered. How do they think it GETS to a supermarket?

I guess it’s just easier to think about eating it when you don’t have to get your hands … or your sneakers … dirty.

But life ain’t easy here in the country.

Are you a hunter? How do you respond when people criticize it? 

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  1. Aside from more expensive grass fed meat, the bulk of affordable meat available is fed genetically modified corn and soybeans which are harmful to both the livestock and those of us consuming that meat. This is known to most of the world but the powerful GMO manufacturers spend a fortune downplaying the dangers here. GMO plants are banned in most of Europe for a very good reason. The safest meat to eat is game. Vegetarians should note that 97% of soy produced in this country is GMO and is not a safe source of protein.

  2. I think that hunting is a good thing. If everyone were to quit there would be so many deer that it would be ridiculous. It is also cheaper than just relying on meat from the super market so it helps the family budget too.

  3. Country folk says:

    Sorry. I don’t agree. I have lived in the country for over 52 years. Hunting is barbaric and while it was a necessity in the past, now that food is easily available in grocery stores and butcher shops, it is no longer a necessity. The statement that hunting is good because it helps ” to keep them from wasting away on their own from lack of food” is just a means to justify their hobby, and it really is just a hobby. You want meat that isn’t full of genetically modified feed? How about raising your own livestock to butcher and feeding them from your own crops? Isn’t that what “living in the country” is supposed to be about?

  4. stephen preston says:

    So who kills your beef and pork for you 52 year country boy? You really don’t get it do you? And could you do something about all the plants being murdered for food.

  5. Bambi Consumer says:

    Your the problem with this country, because you don’t like it or agree no one should be doing it, don’t be upset that my food is eating your, be happy, if anything Im preserving yours, head back to Cambridge and relax

  6. Your an idiot…


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