Infamous ‘Drunk Mayor’ Gordon Jenkins Isn’t Who We Are

Mayor Gordon Jenkins throws clock

Well, it’s happened. Sullivan County has now gotten another 15 minutes in the national spotlight thanks to (or should I say because of?) Monticello Mayor Gordon Jenkins and his recent arrest on charges of DWI.

The Daily Beast website has listed him as one of the nine lousiest mayors out there, ranking him only just slightly below Toronto’s infamous foul-mouthed Rob Ford, aka the guy with an alleged crack habit.

News outlets from Washington D.C. to the midwest have the town “Monticello, New York” plastered in headlines.

Got that, folks? It isn’t just Gordon Jenkins, whose foul-mouthed and racially charged booking videos have horrified the nation. It’s Monticello.

Monticello is — whether the residents like it or not — tied to their mayor and being dragged into every single news mention of his antics.

And Monticello is — whether the rest of us in Sullivan County like it or not — tied to us.

We don’t vote on the village’s politicians, so some may say we don’t have a horse in this race.
But by mere proximity and its designation as our county seat, this national embarrassment is one we all bear.
Is this the Sullivan County we want out there? For the rest of the world to point fingers and mock?
It’s been fun reading the Facebook comments on the whole matter. I could have spent my Sunday afternoon with a bowl of popcorn in front of my computer if it weren’t for a belly full from a lovely meal at a local restaurant already.

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I’ll even cop to having engaged a bit, because this is my county, I take its matters seriously, and if I didn’t laugh, I’d cry.
But after a good sleep, I woke to a bad taste in my mouth over it all.
We aren’t helping.
We are frustrated. We are angry.
As well we should be.
But the division I’m seeing isn’t going to make it any better.
We already face the stigma of small towns as backward, as only able to get in their own way. There’s already an uncomfortable line between many locals and second homeowners over the notion that “outsiders” come in and think they can run our towns better than we ourselves can.

The only way to end that? Is to put up a united front. To make smart decisions.

To move forward in a way that tells the rest of the world that this bump in the road represents one man and his personal issues not Sullivan County as a whole.

WE are better than this, Sullivan County.

Let’s act it.

Here’s the first crazy video — including the infamous clock-throwing incident:

What can we do to get past this?

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  1. How to regain a lost reputation? First you have to decide what you want to be known as/for! If you want to be known as a "great place to raise a family" you have to be a "family friendly community", which, by definition, is a safe community! Enforcing the law might be the place to start! Start simply, you know, modify the most basic and offensive behaviors first, i.e. "Spitting", "Jaywalking", "littering"! Then move on up to drug use and dealing, rape, robbery, B&E, all the way up the criminal code to Murder! We DO have laws against all these behaviors; but someone, sometime decided NOT to enforce them! Time to back that train up! You know, one good way to get someone's attention and cooperation is to confiscate some of their currency when they fail to meet certain standards. That's the time to levy and enforce stiff fines on those who break society's laws! Sullivan County could even withhold the fine from those collecting monthly "entitlement" checks, if necessary. Maybe the local news outlets could publish the names, offences, and fines of the offenders! "They" tell us everyone craves their 15 minutes of fame! Wonder how "they" feel about notoriety! The increased revenue would swell Monticello's coffers and perhaps, just perhaps, the offenders would think twice before fouling their environs. Hey, you want to spit….do it in your own kitchen…want to drop your garbage….dump it on your bed… want to get drunk in public… or out of an automobile……'re going to get a hefty fine, your car will be confiscated and you'll spend the night in the county lock up! If you're caught with ANY illicit substance….you're going to jail for however long it takes for you to "go cold turkey"! If "Mother" didn't teach them that actions have consequences….then a civil society MUST! Oh yes, and one more way for Monticello to regain it's reputation………get rid of Jenkins! Unless and until that happens Monticello will never regain it's reputation! Mountain Lover!

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