Tell Me Again That Dogs Are Stupid …

Who you calling dumb?

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from working at home, it’s that dogs are a lot smarter than the human race gives them credit for being.

Case in point: this morning I walked upstairs to grab something from my bedroom after more than an hour in front of my laptop, banging away on the keyboard. I’d gotten real work done already.
There my dog lay, stretched out, snoring. In my bed.
To the people out there – I’m not naming any names here folks – who will tell you that dogs are stupid animals, I offer that image.
It could be said that there are two types of people in this world: pet people and those who look down their noses at us from within their perfect homes where nary a tchotchke is broken or a blanket shredded.
It’s not that I wouldn’t love a couch that remained fur-free for more than 10 whole seconds after being Swiffered. I may have had a dream about that a week ago.
We can agree on the benefits of pet-free life.
But please, don’t call my dogs stupid.
They’re really not.
I recognize this as I rise from my perch in front of my computer not once, not twice, but at least eight or nine times during my work day to serve as doorman (doorwoman?) for one of my four-legged creatures.
I recognize this at nights when I attempt to roll over, only to be foiled by the heft of a hound blocking my roll.
Yes, I’m one of those people who lets the dog in the bed. According to one Purina survey, as much as one in five Americans are guilty of the same. They know what I know: cold toes are made warmer by warm dogs.

See! The dog is so smart, she’s even got me convinced there are benefits to having her in my bed at night.

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