A Change Will Do You Good!

Jeanne Sager Photo

So, you noticed things look a little different on the site? Points to Gryffindor for noticing the obvious!

Inside Out Motherhood got a whole new look thanks to the help of Sarah Kimmel over at Tech 4 Moms, aka the place to go on the web if you’re really web-savvy but not so html savvy. What can I say, she had me at “I’m a Nikon girl.”

So why am I getting all dressed up for the holidays? Let’s just say it was time … and I’ve got a few things up my sleeve.

Some photography things, perhaps? I’ve been loathe to really share much of my photography online because I always worry about clients and their privacy, but I’ve been hearing a lot of “can I send them to your website” questions from clients who want to send me business, so I decided it was time to open things up a little bit. But of course that required a redesign that would allow me to really show photos off the way they’re meant to be seen!

And since I know bloggers like me who aren’t always so good at the technical end of things are always looking for a good tech guru, I just wanted to give Sarah little shout-out for being so amazing to work with … and so cool under the pressure of my neuroses (here’s where I mention that I couldn’t access my site for a whole 12 hours and OMG, OMG, OMG … girlfriend kept her cool … er, Sarah did, me not so much).

So, tell me what you think of the re-design in comments!


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