Children’s Book Giveaway: Whatever After Books 1 – 4

Whatever After sarah mlynowskiI have a princess kind of kid. It’s OK. I’ve come to understand that the word “princess” carries with it so much more than pretty dresses and sparkly things. Look at Kate Middleton. No one would accuse her of being an airhead, would they? ‘Nuff said.

When you have a princess sort of kid, one of your greatest responsibilities is to present them with the better side of princessdom — not the wilting flowers waiting on a man to rescue them but the heroines of their own stories.

Kind of like the girls in Sarah Mlynowski’s Whatever After series for elementary readers. Each book follows a girl named Abby and her little brother, Jonah, who get sucked into classic fairy tales. Fairy tales featuring a princess, of course.But these aren’t just any fairy tales. Consider them a bit on the fractured side, and with an adventurous 10-year-old from modern times and her kid brother along for the ride. Abby is more the heroine of Whatever After than the princesses themselves, but they offer just enough of the royal magic to satisfy princess fans and still get in some good old-fashioned girl power.

Mlynowski — who has a following for her adult chick lit too — has just come out with the fourth in the series, Dream On, and in honor of publication, Inside Out Motherhood is offering up a set of the four books in the series to one lucky reader!

Want in? Have at it:

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  1. Cinderella, of course! 🙂

  2. I love Snow White.

  3. I love Cinderella

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