Mary Poppins Looks Good for 50, Doesn’t She?

mary poppins blu-ray

Hold on a second, did you know Mary Poppins was 50? Well, not the flying nanny herself, of course. She’s practically perfect, and absolutely ageless. But the movie that everyone and their mother is talking about these days, thanks to Disney’s holiday flick Saving Mr. Banks, is turning 50 years old!

Aaaaaand now you know what my daughter is getting for Christmas, because, of course Disney couldn’t let a very jolly holiday like this pass by without bringing the old girl out of the vault and spiffing her up for a special 50th Anniversary Blu-Ray.

Some of my joy over this may be that our old DVD of the film seems to have disappeared at some point. I kept meaning to replace it, but I’ve tried to limit movie purchases to films on Blu-Ray, so I was waiting. And waiting. And waiting.

We’ve seen Mary Poppins on Broadway — one of two Disney Broadway productions we’ve seen, and by far my favorite. Not having it in the house was unacceptable.

So when it arrived a wee bit early for the December 10th release (blogger disclaimer: I got a review copy to check out ahead of time), it didn’t take a spoonful of sugar to convince me this was a sweet treat. What? Too many Poppins-isms?

OK, OK. It’s just that the film is one of the childhood classics that’s left us with so many sayings we can’t get out of our heads. Name a kid who hasn’t convinced themselves that spelling supercalifragilisticexpialidocious makes you a genius!

The Blu-Ray brings all that, plus a Mary-Oke of some of the greatest songs ever created AND, OK, I’m kind of geeking out here, aren’t I?

Point is, this is one Blu-Ray that you need in your collection not because it’s a Blu-Ray but because it’s MARY POPPINS, and you don’t want to be the one who denied a kid Mary Poppins, m’kay?

What is YOUR favorite Mary Poppins song? 

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Disclaimer: I received a copy of Mary Poppins on Blu-Ray to facilitate this review. All geeking out is my own.


  1. A Spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go dowwwnnnn helps the medicine good dowwwnnnn. Just love that song

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