White Christmas Lights? You’ve Got to be Freakin’ Kidding Me

christmas tree lights

Turn down the Christmas carols! It’s time we have a chat! It has come to my attention that there are people who actually believe in their hearts of hearts that — shudder — white Christmas lights are absolutely adorable.

If you are one of those folks whose tree is already experiencing a riot of color thanks to a string of reds, blues, greens, yellows, and maybe even some pinks, sally forth and go drink a mug of hot chocolate or snack on some advent chocolate — you’re well on your way to a hap, hap, happy holiday season.

If, however, you are one of those people whose tree is rather lacking in imagination, read on, as you must be injected with a true shot of holiday spirit before it is too late!

So. White Christmas lights, huh? What happened to you? Did Santa not get you that Easy Bake Oven you so desperately wanted one year, so you declared war on everything fun?

I’m betting you’re the one person in the world who buys the mint candy canes too. Someone has to. It’s certainly not people who actually let their kids EAT the candy canes off the tree (side note: what is with everyone handing out mint candy canes to kids at holiday events? Have you ever met a kid who actually says “Yum, mint!”? Me neither.).

You probably don’t let anyone open a present on Christmas Eve either, not even the pair of Christmas morning jammies.

Oh, and please don’t tell me you’re kind of a stickler about how the wrapping paper has to be saved for next year?

Come on! Just let them rip something! It’s not Christmas until it’s snowing wrapping paper in the living room!

But then, it’s not really Christmas until the tree looks like Fourth of July fireworks, in my book. To a kid who well remembers the one night of the year we’d spend driving around town checking out people’s outdoor light decorations — yes, that was considered entertainment in my day, whippersnappers — colored lights are part and parcel of the abundance that is the holiday season.

White is pretty enough; I guess.

But don’t we have enough of it outside for the holiday? Frosty has it covered.

The inside, on the other hand, should be a reflection of all that is merry. And to me, merry means colored lights and mismatched ornaments and, yes, too much tinsel (alas only on the higher branches … darn cats and their hacking).

More is more.

Especially in color.

Where do you stand on the colored lights vs. white debate?


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  1. I wholeheartedly agree with you! It seems that the majority of light sets for sale lately are clear lights, and we have to pick through the inventory for the colored lights.

    I have never owned any of the white Christmas lights, and I probably never will.

  2. Holli Ballard says:

    I agreed with every point. I will help take up an offering for the ‘white lighters’ so we can get them an easy bake oven. (my lights are purple)

  3. As one of the whitelighters, I have to wholeheartedly disagree. There is a time and a place for colored lights and it isn’t on a tree decorated with crystal ornaments and snow and white woodland creatures. There is a particular aesthetic to certain Christmas trees that require white lights. A contrasting color on such a tree, such as green, is often quite nice.

    My kids have an advent calendar, all the candy canes and hot cocoa they can stomach, a Christmas box on Christmas eve with brand new Santa jammies and a Christmas flick and microwave popcorn. I believe Santa’s gifts must be wrapped separately and in different paper as to give the effect of elves having done the wrapping. One of my fondest memories is waking up Christmas morning and having been sprinkled with ‘snow’ by Santa because I’d fallen asleep next to the tree.

    Don’t assault my sense of Christmas because I happen to like white lights (and purple, and green, and red, and every other color of the rainbow when appropriately matched with the decorations).

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