Hair, There, and Everywhere — AKA Life With a Girl Child

little girl's hairThere it was. A long blond hair, hanging from the top shelf of the refrigerator. It must have caught as the 8-year-old rummaged for a yogurt to fill the gaping hole that is a signal of another impending growth spurt.

Yes, I’ve found hair in the fridge. The cleaned-on-a-regular-basis fridge.

What’s more, I’ve found long blond hairs on the short brown and white haired dog. I’ve found them inside a pair of freshly laundered jeans.

Behold another portion of parenthood they neglect to tell you about in the “what to expect” books. Hair, it seems, is everywhere, at least when you produce a girl child (side note: I’m aware there are little boys with long hair, but they’re the exception, not the rule, so bear with me).

Along with glitter, stickers, and itty bitty LEGO bricks, blond hair has taken over my life.

Did you know the average human head has more than 100,000 strands of hair? That shedding as much as 50 a day is NORMAL?

These are the factoids that I’ve sought out in a drive to understand our hairy fate.

To be fair, most mothers do not need to be warned of the shedding situation. Most mothers actually have so much of their own that in all likelihood it is their locks catching on the refrigerator shelf, their tresses backing up the bathroom sink.

After years of shaving my head annually for the St. Baldrick’s Foundation, I too am the exception, not the rule. I can get by one one bottle of shampoo. A YEAR.

The only hairs I leave behind are the inch-long bits on hairstylist’s floor once a month.

I will never find my own hair in my pants.

I do, however, find my daughter’s.

I find her hair on my pillow and once on my toothbrush. I find her hair on my laptop as I wrench it open in the morning to get to work, and lying across the DVD shelf where she last rifled through the movies, searching for the right flick for a family night in front of the TV.

I find it here, there, and everywhere … or should I say hair?

What’s the strangest place YOU have found a hair in your house?



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  1. Melanie Boynton says:

    I giggled while I was reading this because my daughter (who is now almost 23) also has really long blond hair. We were forever finding her hair around the house in all kinds of odd places, including inside the microwave and wrapped around the dogs toenail! She is no longer living at home, and hasn’t been for almost a year, but we are always reminded of her presence since I pulled a long blond hair our of the washing machine and just the other day I was driving down the road and when I put the sun visor down, there dangling in all of its glory was one of her lovely strands!

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