If I Say It’s Free, Will They Take It Away?

Girl playing in the snow

The dogs were barking. It’s what they do. When there are deer in the yard. When the UPS man arrives. When the wind blows.

They bark.

There’s an attack on the home, and they must let us know. Only our plow guy wasn’t attacking much more than the gargantuan pile of white stuff in our driveway. It needed to go.

All of it needs to go. I’m at a point where I’m thinking of sticking a sign out by the road “Free to a good home — Snow. First come, first serve. Must haul away.”

Actually, better throw in a few extra “Frees.” People love free.

And I’d best lock up the dogs when they come. I can’t risk scaring them off.

But then, if they thought a minute, the canines wouldn’t mind seeing it gone either. It’s hard to do your business in the backyard when there’s something cold and wet at hip height. They used to love to go outdoors.

Now I stand at the door calling – and freezing – while they weight their options. “Do I really have to go? Can I wait and make the human get up and do my bidding again later?”

They’re smarter than we give them credit for being.

They know this winter has gotten the better of us all.

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I knew I signed up for winter when I settled in upstate New York. We all knew it. But did we know it would be like this? That the furry little rat in Pennsylvania would doom us to an unending string of snowstorms, holding spring out like a carrot at the end of a broom handle and scurrying away, as fast as his little paws would carry him?

We didn’t.

Of course we didn’t.

So about that free snow … any takers?


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