Navigating the Netflix Queue to Find Something Worth Watching

Netflix_StreamTeam_BadgeIf you’re a regular here at Inside Out, you probably know I don’t do much sponsored content. Sure, there’s a giveaway here and there, but I’d rather talk about life than try to help someone else sell you something … and I’m certainly not into writing for free. So when Netflix reached out and asked if I’d like to join their “stream team,” I debated long and hard.

Sure, I’d get free Netflix, which is something I would otherwise pay for, but was that enough? What would my readers get? But when I started looking through what it was they were sharing with their Netflix bloggers, my mind was made up. Ever spent hours trying to find something worth watching on Netflix? Been there, done that, right?

One of the problems I’ve always had is that my family watches Netflix on our XBox, and you have to use the little controller to scroll, which is a pain in the tuchas. We are die-hard Netflix users (like a third of America), but sometimes it reminds me of cable in that I only really watch a very small percentage of what I’m paying for.

But what Netflix is doing — what I will be sharing moving forward — are some of the great movies and TV shows that families should be seeing … but aren’t always finding in that queue! I’ll be breaking them out, so you can actually get your money’s worth.

So get ready to spend a lot more time in front of your TV … cause I’ve got some Netflix action coming your way!


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Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Netflix. I received a free Netflix subscription, however all opinions expressed in this post are my own.


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