10 Things Kids Can Get Away With (But You Can’t!)

Water slideThere’s a saying that spending time with the youth will keep you young – or something to that effect, anyway. If by keeping you young, they mean that you will one day find yourself in a particularly childish debate over whether it is indeed cold enough outside to require a coat (“Yes, it is” “No, it’s not” … you get where I’m going with this), then sure, I guess your kids keep you young.

But if I’m going to be really honest – and hey, why else would you be reading this – the more time you spend with your kids, the more you realize adulthood has stolen away so many qualities that you once possessed:

(Warning … the following list might depress you. But there’s no going back.)

1. The ability to watch the same movie over. And over. And over. And then a few more times for good measure. Those with a true handle on this particular skillset may intersperse viewings with playing of the soundtrack at top volume, while singing along.

2. The ability to use a perfectly white shirt as a napkin and not worry about how to get the stain out later.

3. The ability to eat an entire candy bar and not feel guilty.

4. The ability to eat two bites of your meal at a fancy restaurant and declare, “I’m not hungry anymore.”

5. The ability to announce – five minutes after leaving the aforementioned fancy restaurant after not eating more than two bites – that you are STARVING.

6. The ability to simultaneously be freezing and want ice cream.

7. The ability to make the most annoying sound in the world and be completely mystified when someone tells you to “Knock it off!”

8. The ability to ignore price tags.

9. The ability to turn a cardboard box into hours worth of entertainment.

10. The ability to make other people feel really old.

I suppose this is why they also you’re only young once?

What ability have you lost now that you’re a “grown up?”


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