7 Reasons to Accept a Facebook Request From an Old High School ‘Friend’

Now THIS is a throwback Thursday photo!

Now THIS is a throwback Thursday photo!

If you’ve spent any amount of time on Facebook, welcome to the club. There is a shrinking crowd of folks who have steered clear of Zuckerberg’s empire, and I’ll admit I am not one of them.

And so I can’t help but be sucked into those lists you find so often on the Internet – so many that they’ve even earned their own moniker, “listicle” – that promise to make you a better Facebooker. Much of it I agree with. Enough with the photos of your food, people! And please, pretty please, stop spoiling the ending to every TV show.

But if there’s one thing I read over and over again that makes me roll my eyes, it’s the insistence that Facebook is for “real friends,” not those people you hung out with a lifetime ago in high school.

First off, if you think social media is supposed to be about “real” friendship, then you’re doing it wrong. I have 1,200-plus folks who “like” the page for Inside Out Motherhood, and I probably “know” about 200 of them. I’m trying to get my message out on Facebook; not discuss the intimate details of my life.

As for the nearly 700 “friends” I have on my own personal page, more than a few walked the same hallowed halls of high school with me decades ago. Most of us are not “friends” in “real” life. Some I haven’t seen since graduation … or before. Others I knew only tangentially. Maybe we had gym class together; perhaps we rode the same bus.

But I’m not giving up on them. And you shouldn’t either (well, you know, not THEM, but your own crowd of high school throwbacks). Here’s why:

1. When you can’t for the life of you remember the name of that kid who ate paint in third grade, there’s always someone on Facebook to fill in the blank.
2. That movie you couldn’t stop watching in high school? Who is going to go off on a random best quotes tangent? Hint – not your grandmother or your boss.
3. When your favorite landmark is torn down, your “I just met you in college spouse” is not going to commiserate with you because it just doesn’t meant the same thing to him.
4. It doesn’t matter if you were a jock, a nerd, or a member of the chorus, it’s always delicious to hear some wicked gossip about that one kid in high school you couldn’t stand. (Just go on and admit it … nobody’s perfect).
5. Throw back Thursday is more fun when you have someone to tag.
6. Throw back Thursday is more fun when someone’s tagging you.
7. Your kid’s “new math” might make you feel stupid, until the kid who got all As in your pre-calc class posts a picture of her daughter’s ridiculous math sheets.

Are you friends with old “friends” on Facebook? Who doesn’t make the cut?

Have you “liked” Inside Out Motherhood on Facebook yet?

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