Giveaway: 3-Month Netflix Subscription

netflixIn life, there aren’t many things we get for free … except, maybe, for a one-month subscription to Netflix. The streaming TV & movie addition, er, service, usually gives folks one whole month free to see if they like what they’ve got to offer.

I’m going to do you one better. No, two better. At the moment, I’ve got a three-month Netflix subscription to give away!

Want in? Follow the rules:

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  1. I have a SERIOUS Netflix addiction – best way to spend time while cleaning (or being lazy ;])

  2. I love and used to love so many of the shows mentioned but my favorites would have to be Saved by the Bell and Family Ties.

  3. Priscilla S. says:

    I loved Saved by the Bell!

  4. miss all the good shows and movies from my childhood,the one that stook out was Jem.I had the doll,I remember her light up ear rings and she changed from a normal person to a popstar(the nowadays Hannah Montana)lol

  5. Lauren E. says:

    I loved watching saved by the bell

  6. Jesselyn A/Jesstinger says:

    Thank you for including FAMILY TIES on your list of favs. I was just thinking about that delightful show and what a wonderful actor (and person) Michael J Fox is – just the other night – after watching “The Good Wife” and being overjoyed at his return to that terrific seriers!

    It’s kind of fun to look back at one’s favorite TV shows over the years – or even decade by decade – and to reflect on how (or if!) one’s taste has changed or what your favorite shows say about you!

  7. Jesselyn A/Jesstinger says:

    My Honey/Hubby and I are a month apart age wise – but grew up in very different kinds of homes/families (although in the same town…) And here we are years later “comparing” notes on what our parents let us watch and which shows we loved and how they affected us.

    It’s especially fun to watch some of these old TV shows and movies and remember the things, places, feelings, experiences we were going through at the times these shows were dominating the scene.

    Thanks for encouraging this fun exercise and trip down memory lane!

  8. Thomas Murphy says:

    I like Family Ties.

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