Lollipop Topiary: How to Make 1 in 5 Minutes

Lollipop TopiaryI have never thought of myself as the creative type. Ironic considering I’m a writer and photographer by trade, but my deepest shame in high school was a 78 in art class that brought down my average (ahem: I am a card carrying member of the nerd herd). But somehow, when my kid’s birthday begins to near, the crafty comes out. I suppose it’s my maternal instincts kicking into overdrive.

This year, the birthday party theme was candy … lots and lots of candy (yes, the parents loved me). But not being the craftiest mother on the planet, I had to find ideas that normal, non-Martha types could do. My favorite? This Lollipop topiary … which made a perfect edible centerpiece. It literally took 5 minutes to make, which is my favorite kind of craft. And when I Instagrammed this bad boy, the request poured in for a tutorial. So here it is!

Lollipop Topiary How To

First off, what you need:

  • Flower pot
  • Foam ball — make sure it fits nestles nicely inside your flower pot. I chose a smaller one so I didn’t have to use any glue to make it stay — that way I could reuse the flower pot down the line for another project.
  • Lollipops — I chose a big bag of Dum Dums, which worked out well.

Now it’s time to get building!

1. Place your foam ball inside the flower pot, like so:

Lollipop Topiary Step 1

You can use glue if you want, but I found it wasn’t necessary. The weight of the lollipops was enough to keep the ball in place — even on a windy day (it was an outdoor party).

2. Starting at the bottom of the ball — where it meets the flower pot, begin placing your lollipops in a line, varying color/flavor, and keeping them as close together as possible:

Lollipop Topiary Step 2

3. Build up from that bottom layer, covering the ball completely with lollipops:

Lollipop Topiary Final Step

4. Set out for the kids to enjoy!


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