You Won’t Waste Their Last Summer Vacation Wishing for School to Start

Little girl in a poolI have a confession to make that may make me unpopular with other parents. I can’t wait for summer vacation to begin.

Begin. Not end.

Yes, my daughter will be home. A lot.

And yes, there will be days she makes me want to tear my hair out. She’s a 9-year-old; not an angel. I’m a mother; not an idiot. I know what’s ahead of me as soon as that last school bell rings.

She will be tracking grass across clean floors, leaving doors wide open for the flies to come in and begging to stay up way past her bedtime because “It’s not a school night, Mooooooom!”

I know all this, and yet I done my math. We have 10 summers like this left before she’s all grown up and ready for college.

It sounds like a lot. But I used to think that about 18 years too.

My kid is freshly 9, and we’ve already plowed our way through eight summers. Somehow we have yet to make even half the summer memories every kid should have.

We haven’t taken a dip in an ocean or rolled down a hill. We haven’t won a goldfish or managed the balance necessary for training wheel removal. We haven’t found a starfish or set up a lemonade stand.

We’ve marked plenty other moments off our summer bucket list over the years, but each year it seems the days between June and September fly by at an ever faster rate. The plans made in June are half done when the time comes to pack the bookbag once again, and we find ourselves saying a lot of “we’ll have to remember next years.”

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Now here we are. It’s next year.

And I could moan and groan and mull over the messes to be made.

I could join the chorus of parents already counting down to schools return. Instead, I find myself smashing my hands over my ears and singing loudly, “I cant hear you.”

I don’t have much time left before my little girl is gone. I can’t waste it away on moans or groans. There are salamanders to find and creeks to be waded in. And who knows: this could be the summer she makes her first-ever ice cream truck purchase.

I wouldn’t want to miss that.

What do YOU need to do this summer?


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