6 Netflix Hacks for Parents

tvHave you signed into your Netflix account recently? Wait. Dumb question. Of course you have. The latest figures show Netflix is responsible for one third of the streaming traffic on the Internet in North America. ONE THIRD.

How much of that is parents handing a phone to their kid to keep them occupied while they wait for a table at a restaurant or try to drive in traffic? Who knows, but I think it’s pretty obvious the number is big. Huge, even.

Streaming video has changed American parenting. But if you’re not taking advantage of all you can do with Netflix — these Netflix hacks if you will — you’re about to have your mind blown. If you’re a mom or a dad who lets the kid use Netflix, you need these:

Netflix Hacks for Parents1. Buffer eliminator. Nothing, not nobody, not know how, can calm a screaming toddler like their favorite episode of Turbo. But when the snails stop racing because of buffering, the screaming is bound to start all over again. If you’re on a PC, hit Shift & Alt at the same time, then left click with your mouse on the screen. A screen manager should pop up where you can change your buffering rate. On a Mac, you’ll have to hit Shift & option, then mouse click for the same result. Using a gaming console? Lifehacker has codes for that!

2. Create kid profiles. So you’ve found Criminal Minds is now on Netflix, and it now shows up every time you open the application because it’s what you’re right in the middle of, but you don’t want your kids seeing it too? Create separate profiles — one for parents, one for kids. It can be done online on the “manage profiles” section of your account.

3. Create adult profiles. Sometimes it’s just easier to leave the main account for the family … but you can always create your OWN profile for the rather, ahem, naughty stuff you love to watch.

4. Set parental controls. Yes, you may want to see all of Breaking Bad, but you probably don’t want the kids learning “let’s cook” has nothing to do with making dinner. Each profile you create (in #2) can be set to “kid-friendly” or not. Best part? The kid profiles are not able to be connected to social media.

5. Revamp your queue. Is Netflix only offering you Disney channel movies and animated features in the suggested realm these days? Seems your kids’ tastes have taken over your main profile. But you don’t need to go on a binge of bawdy adult comedies to reclaim your rightful space. Just go back into Taste Preferences and input YOUR favorite fare.

6. Use your keyboard. Kid watching a movie that has a curse word coming up? The letter “M” is a mute button. Need to fast forward really fast? Shift & right arrow will fast forward. Or maybe you missed something because the kids were talking? Shift & left arrow will take you back. And if you need to pause for a potty break, PgDn does the trick. PgUp will play.


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Disclaimer: As a member of the Netflix Stream Team, I receive free Netflix. I was not otherwise compensated for this post, and all opinions expressed in this are my own.


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  1. We love Netflix, my daughter watches all her favorites via Netflix. Great tips, thank you!

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