How to Make a No-Carve Panda Pumpkin

Final Panda PumpkinConfession time: I have never carved a pumpkin. I’ve decorated them, but somehow I’ve just never gotten my hands all covered in pumpkin guts to celebrate Halloween. And this year, thanks to a panda-obsessed kid, I’m continuing the non-carving tradition. Introducing … the panda pumpkin!

What is a panda pumpkin, you ask? Only the cutest, cuddliest, most adorable way to decorate your pumpkin for the holiday (OK, maybe not really cuddly, but in theory …). And since I’m a wee bit obsessive about documenting everything, here’s a tutorial to complete your own panda pumpkin:

Panda Pumpkin How To

What you’ll need:

  • White pumpkin. I thought I’d have to go for a fake at a craft store, but I’ve seen a surprising number of these around.
  • Black construction paper (or in our case we just used white paper and black markers)
  • Two toothpicks
  • One picture hanging nail
  • Bottle of glue
  • Scissors
  • Black sharpies or black paint (and if it’s the latter, paintbrushes

How to make the panda pumpkin:

1. Cut black construction paper (or white paper colored black) in a long oval and then fold in half to create “ears.”

2. Poke a toothpick through the flat end of the folded oval and add glue to hold the ears closed. These may require some shaping once you get them on the actual pumpkin, but should look something like this:

Panda Ear

3. Decide where the ears should be and poke two holes, using the nail, to make way for the toothpicks (depending on the age and temperature of the pumpkins, you may be able to use the toothpick itself, but I found the nail made it a lot easier!).

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4. Insert your ears.

5. Create eyes, a nose, and a mouth using black paint or Sharpies. We used Sharpies, but I am inclined to think they needed a little more “juice” in them! Remember, the panda eyes aren’t round — they’re slightly slanted.

6. Show off on your front porch!

What do you usually do with pumpkins at Halloween?


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  1. Melissa L. says:

    This looks so cute, and easy! I like the simplicity of it.

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