‘All Hail King Julien’ — Why You Should Be Watching Netflix’ New Original Series

King JulienWhen I heard Dreamworks was putting out a Penguins of Madagascar movie, I was probably as excited as a kid in a candy store. If they were making full-fledged films for supporting characters of the popular trilogy, surely King Julien, the fast-talking, wise-cracking lemur would get his own day in the sun soon enough. Confession: I have a cartoon crush on King Julien. Not in a lustful, gross way. Just in a … how adorable is that widdle fluffy creature way. Ahem. Moving on … King Julien is getting his day!

Netflix has brought out another original series — All Hail King Julien — diving into the back story behind the ring-tailed rascal, from his ascension to the throne to his relation to the Fonz (Henry Winkler, who plays his uncle, the other King Julien). Like the snippets we saw of him in his supporting role on the big screen, it’s pure, unadulterated silly. And who couldn’t use a little more silly in her (or his) life?

Five episodes went up on the 19th, and more are coming in the new year — so the kids won’t binge watch them the way we adults devour House of Cards and the like — with Danny Jacobs in the role Sacha Baron Cohen covered in the movies.

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Considering the character’s catchphrase is “Hey Party People,” (said with an odd accent, natch), it’s no surprise the show is full of music and movement, which is the sort of thing every kid needs when they’re stuck in the house on a dreary day and Mom says, “FINE, you can watch TV for awhile.” See? TV that gets you off your butt. Netflix really does think of everything!

What’s your favorite show for kids on Netflix right now?


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