10 Resolutions We Desperately Wish Our Kids Would Make This Year

happy new year‘Tis the season for New Year’s resolutions. Even though research indicates only 8 percent of Americans will actually keep them (yes, someone actually spent money on that study), at least half of us make them.

Leaving some ice cream in the pint of Ben & Jerry’s instead of finishing the whole thing in one sitting. Actually making it to yoga instead of just wearing yoga pants to school drop-off. Spending less. Saving more.

They’ll be made, and ignored, soon enough. But if I may, there’s a sector of our population that isn’t likely to make many resolutions, at least not of the kind we’re used to. Little kids shouldn’t care about fat or dollar signs. On the other hand, speaking for all parents, I offer a few resolutions we’d gladly allow our kids to make this year:

1. To rise as early – and as cheerful – on a Tuesday morning before school as you do on a Saturday morning.

2. To try sleeping in on a Saturday morning or 52.

3. To accept that yellow cheese and white cheese taste exactly the same.

4. To eat the green foods first – before you get too full.

5. To close the cereal bag.

6. To close the front door.

7. Not to scream bloody murder when there’s a bee 50 feet away.

8. To suss out the complex, nuanced differences between “dropped in the middle of the living room floor” and “placed in the laundry hamper.”

9. To acknowledge that the bathroom is a place people go to be alone, and alone means “without you.”

10. To hug your mother more.


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