20 Things Sullivan County (New York) Folks Love

Callicoon Tractor ParadeIf there’s ever proof that Sullivan County is a world unto itself, the list going ’round the web that promises to sum up everything Upstate New Yorkers love is it. We love our cider donuts as much as the next sweet tooth, but we much prefer a Roscoe or Callicoon brewed beer to that Saranac stuff. And Bruegger’s bagels? Pshaw. Monticello IS the bagel capital of the world, don’tcha know?

So here it is, a look at what Sullivan County folks REALLY love:

1. The Roscoe Diner – So world famous it recently made a list of the top 50 diners in the United States. Do the math: that’s one per state, and we’ve got New York’s number one.

2. Reminiscing about Sullivan’s — If you’re over 30 and you don’t remember riding the escalator, you’re probably not a native.

3. Wegman’s — We don’t have one, which is why we will drive hours to get to one and return home with a trunk full of goodies and intentions to petition the management to bring one here … pronto.

4. Gavin DeGraw — A native son who opens on the regular for Billy Joel, has starred on Dancing With the Stars, and boasts a TV theme song (among other credits)? We don’t need to be anything other than fans.

5. Soft serve — Is it really summer without a twist cone?

6. TractorsCallicoon’s tractor parade rules the roost, but the fact that others keep popping up — and tractors somehow end up joining other parades on the regular — is proof we’re proud of our farming roots.

7. Debating whether we’re in the Catskills or the Hudson Valley — Or we could forge our own way?

8. Debating casinos — Fifty years old and still going strong.

9. Going to Pennsylvania to shop — And considering it “shopping local.”

10. Bethel Woods — World class concerts in our backyard. ‘Nuff said!

11. Taking the back way into Bethel Woods — Natives are home in their PJs while the visitors are still stuck in the parking lot.

12. Shaking our heads at incorrect Woodstock references — Don’t get us started on that awful Subaru commercial. It’s Bethel, people!

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13. Sprinkling Yiddish phrases into our speech — You’ve been saying oy vey since you were but a bubeleh.

14. The fall — Our colors can kick your colors’ butt.

15. Alternating love and disdain for New York City — Go for the baseball, come home for the peace and quiet.

16. Hating on our county seat — Especially if you live there.

17. High school rivalries — I bleed purple and gold; how about you?

18. Making up nicknames for SCCC — Who else took classes at LSU (Loch Sheldrake University)?

19. Strange road names — I see your Puckyhuddle and raise you a Dingle Daisy.

20. The Democrat — If we do say so ourselves …

What would you add?


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  1. Karen Triolo says:

    All accurate, Jeanne. Miss my old home and the wonderful people there!

  2. Alice Frolio says:

    I love the names of those roads and what about the town of Cahoonzie. What a place that we call our home town. Sullivan county in the Catskills

  3. What a fun read! I was one of those youngsters on the escalator, who went on to work there as a teen. A few other great mentions are:
    – Katz’s Bakery… no better eclairs or salt sticks in the world, we are all ruined.
    – The Drive In passed Liberty, near the Brown’s hotel.. the kids watched the first movie and passed out in the “way back” while the grownups watched the late feature.
    – If you are over 40, chances are you learned to ski, ice skate, or swim at The Grossinger.
    – Skaters World in Ferndale… weekend destination of choice for most 80’s kids, no matter what town you lived in. Fast skate, slow skate, couples skate, foosball, and pizza. It’s open again you know?!

  4. Nathan raymond says:

    Nardis, center for discovery, racetrack, swinging bridge, white lake, Hacidics among us, Ashrams among us, famous actors hidden, camp Shane. Narrowsburgh potter, pecks, mountain hiking, villa roma

  5. Michelle LaPersonerie says:

    Anyone who actually thinks the Roscoe Diner is the best in New York, has never been to any of the diners on Long Island. I’ve been to the Roscoe Diner many times, but I’ve been to many on Long Island, and they beat Roscoes butt hands down!

  6. You forgot the Little World’s Fair in Grahamsville

  7. Eugene DeCarlo says:

    I would Post our local volunteer Fire Departments and Ambulance Corps for their dedication to their communities. Untold number of hours of dedicated service makes our communities unique.

  8. Lee Terwilliger says:

    Oy vey I still bleed red white and blue, yes and can’t forget The Little Worlds Fair! I grew up right a crossed route 55 from it (up on the side of Denman Mountain), used to watch the fireworks from my Mom and Dads front yard with all my relatives who used to come every year just to watch the fire works! Those were the days of being a carefree teen sneaking into the fair thru the woods so we didn’t have to pay to get in….Lol…so we could ride on one more ride or play one more game on the mid-way! Every year I would meet up with friends and relatives I hadn’t seen for a year or more, and a good time was had by all! Yes the Woodstock commercial drives me nuts as well and it is Bethel! Let’s Go Bears!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Snowmobiling for hours, the Falls in Hurleyville, Crossways at the four corners, beautifully landscaped resorts, catching fireflies, loyal/lifelong friends and more!

  10. It’s actually Dingle Daisy Road

  11. Nancy Rhodes says:

    The history and the local people.

  12. Just want to propose an edit: The road is actually “Dingle Daisy,” not “Daisy Dingle.” And legend has it, it’s named after a cow. Hehe.

  13. Old and Great Memories: Canton Restaurant and Gagers Diner ! NEW: Catskill Distilling Company and the Dancing Cat Saloon!

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