5 Coolest Bits of ‘101 Dalmatians’ Trivia

101 DalmationsThe one thing people always remember about 101 Dalmatians? Not the dogs. Not their owners. It’s Cruella De Vil — arguably one of the 10 best movie villains of all time. But with Dalmatians finally out on Blu-Ray in its diamond edition this week, it seems it’s time to remind America there’s a lot more than to this classic than a fur fiend with a skunk stripe. Behold, five coolest things about 101 Dalmatians that every fan should know (sorry, it’s not 101, but we tried):

1. Without 101 Dalmatians there would be no Disney. No kidding. The film is credited with saving the animation studios during a bleak time that included massive layoffs.

2. It’s based on a book. All the best movies are, of course. Dodie Smith wrote the novel in 1956 as well as a sequel called The Starlight Barking. The Blu-Ray even includes correspondence between Smith and Walt Disney as part of its “extras.”

3. Cruella de Vil was originally married. At least, the Cruella of Smith’s children’s book had a husband who took her last name — even more uncommon in the 50s when the book was written than it is now.

4. Both Lady AND the Tramp have cameos. Yes, it turns out Disney has been doing Hidden Mickeys for years! Keep your eye out when you watch again, and if you still miss ’em, check the bonus features for clues.

5. All those puppies were Xerox copies of one another. Literally, the photocopy machine allowed for the animation team to Xerox their hand-drawn pictures!

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