7 ’90s Nostalgia Shows on Netflix You Can Actually Watch With Your Kids

vintage tvIt was a simple enough question to parents (albeit one that ignored the rules of grammar): what TV show can your kids just not get enough of? And some of the answers were what you’d expect in 2015: a lot of Disney Channel and a number of reality shows. And then the surprise. Today’s kids aren’t watching today’s TV. At least not as many as you’d expect. Thanks to Netflix, they’re fixated on the TV shows that their parents grew up on.

In other words? We’re finally cool!

OK, maybe not. But there’s something to be said for re-watching old shows and catching all the references you missed the first time around. Netflix is pretty loaded down with some great ones, but here’s a look at the ’90s shows you can actually watch WITH the kids:

1. Saved by the Bell — OK, so it started in 1989, but most of the stories from Bayside hit our living rooms in the 90s, so it counts!

2. The Babysitters Club — OK, first make them read Kristy’s Big Idea. THEN let them loose on the series that launched a thousand teen entrepreneurs on their dream of making it big by keeping track of the little kids in their neighborhood.

3. The Magic School Bus — Another one that should really be kicked off with some reading, the adventures with zany science teacher Mrs. Frizzle manage to make science fun without you realizing you’re learning science.

4. Dinosaurs — So they will finally understand why you sometimes run out of the room screaming, “Not the mama!”

5. Dexter’s Laboratory — Remember when kids on TV were smart … and that was a good thing? Our kids could use a little more of that.

6. Roseanne — Talk about groundbreaking: from Nancy the lesbian sister to a lead female character whose entire value was not focused on her looks. Save it for the older kids, but worth diving in to the Connors’ world.

7. The Wonder Years — Another one that started in the ’80s and ran into the ’90s, it gave us Winnie Cooper and Kevin Arnold … and the never-ending debate over whether that kid really did turn into Marilyn Manson (seriously, he didn’t, can we just drop it?).

Which show from your past have you been sharing with your kids? 


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  1. Rebecca Parsons says:

    Wow a lot of these brought back some great memories of my childhood. Still some great shows we can watch together as a family.

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