Why the Keurig 2.0 Is the Best Thing to Happen to Caffeine Junkies in a Long Time

coffee mugWell folks, it happened. The folks at Keurig found out I had a dinosaur of a coffee maker on my counters, and they made sure I got the new Keurig 2.0 to test out. Yes, dreams do come true! In the case of the Keurig 2.0, they’re dreams that one day I could actually have one coffee maker that does everything I need it to do.

Yes, I’m reviewing a Keurig. The fact that I don’t do a whole heckuva lot of reviews should tell you something. I actually like this thing. Heck, I more than like it. If you came to my house tomorrow and stole the free one, I’d march out and get another one. OK, first I’d call the cops because, dude, you just broke into my house. THEN I’d get another one.

Yeah, I’m that hooked.

See, we’re one of those strange families that doesn’t guzzle down the coffee (I know what you’re thinking … weirdos!). So when Keurig and K Cups came along, we thought we’d finally found the perfect fix to those wasted pots of coffee. And it was great … until the first time we had visitors. And then we realized that one-cup makers only work when you always make one cup.

And either the folks at Keurig heard my constant kvetching whenever the in-laws visited or they got wise on their own because they’ve fixed it!

With the 2.0, you can do one cup or a carafe. From the same machine.

Hello counter space!

Hello sanity!

Hello machine I have been waiting for all my life.

Of course no look at the 2.0 would be complete without mention of the company’s move to keep fake K Cups out of the maker. People are apparently in a kerfuffle because Keurig has put in a digital restriction, wherein the machine actually “reads” the little cup to see if it’s been approved by the company. So no more knockoffs or Pinterest specials, but what’s the big deal, folks?

OK, so I’ll admit I was shocked when some old Dunkin Donuts hot cocoa wouldn’t work in my new machine. But then I checked the date on the K Cups, and, well let’s just say I shouldn’t have been using them anyway. The newer Dunkin stuff — you know, the kind that hasn’t been sitting in the back of a shelf somewhere going bad — is Keurig approved. And, well, so is pretty much every standard brand.

And quite frankly I’ll take a slight (very slight) limitation in brands in exchange for the freedom that is being able to make a quick hot cocoa for one kid or a big pot of joe for the whole fam … in one machine.


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Disclaimer: I received a free Keurig which facilitated this review, however I wasn’t otherwise compensated. All opinions and caffeinated cravings are my own.


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